For the past 30+ years, I’ve worked as a psychotherapist in many capacities. Currently in private practice, I’ve also been an educator, a group facilitator and a trainer, in corporate, academic and public health settings. I welcome you to look at my page on Psychology Today to learn more about my experiences and services.

Throughout my years of work my interest in time pressure and all of the ways it impacts us has been a longstanding side passion. And that’s what I’m devoting this site to - what some have referred to as time stress or time poverty. That feeling that no matter how much you do, how fast you go, how many items you check off on your daily "to do" list, it seems you can never catch up. And that can leave you feeling empty, harried, like you can never do enough, have enough, BE enough. Many of us constantly feel the pressure to DO more, EARN more money and status, ACCUMULATE more. From an early age, we may have been fed the idea that we must constantly push harder, accomplish more -- and then, we must measure our self-worth accordingly.  In this frenetic way of life, even our crazy, busy lives can feel like symbols of success! It seems that much of the time, we’re building resumes rather than lives.

  • How do we find a sense of calm and balance with all of the relentless pressures many of us feel we have to keep up with?
  • Why does the culture’s definition of success , i.e. "More is better", often leave us feeling so unsatisfied?
  • Why is it that what we’re promised will bring us happiness, fulfillment and "a good life" actually seems to contribute to our dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness?
  • Why do we find ourselves falling in line with the cultural standards even though they may be out of sync with what many of us long for, that is, more time to relax, to simplify, to make deeper connections, to nurture relationships with friends, family, to build community, to minimize our stuff. Perhaps it's time for us to reconcile with the fact that life will keep throwing more "to dos" at us and that we are the ones that have to decide when we’ve had ENOUGH.
  • What does it look like to live happy, full, well-balanced lives that are aligned with our values?

I believe it’s time to rethink whether or not this cultural paradigm lines up with our deepest wants and beliefs. On this site (and more specifically, in my blog), I’ll be sharing ideas and examples of people who are swimming against this current, who are finding ways to live differently, who are challenging the status quo and who are beginning to intentionally shape their lives in a slower, more intentional way.I don’t claim to have figured it all out. But, I am interested to explore and learn more and I’m excited to share this journey with others who are also interested in rethinking their relationship to time. Welcome to It's About Time!