Read what people say about Debra's work as a presenter.

"I have worked with Debra on committees for several years, including the producing of a successful federal grant proposal and always found her to be a team player, good collaborator and thought partner. She enjoys presenting and audiences find her to be well-informed, engaging and funny. I continue to be impressed with Debra's commitment to work-life balance, unplugging and taking back our time. I would recommend Debra as a consultant, speaker and educator on a variety of wellness topics."

Denise McGoldrick, Director of Health Educator in Higher Education

"Debra is talented presenter who has great insights into workplace wellness, stress reduction techniques, and work life balance. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and working in collaboration with others on such issues is extraordinary! Debra's passionate words of wisdom will help you find balance and stability amongst the busyness of your life."

Chris Paradis, College Wellness Coordinator

"Over the years I have had the privilege of observing Debra leading workshops on numerous occasions. Debra is a top-notch presenter.  Her style is active, engaging, and creative.  She is incredibly knowledgeable while also being very accessible to her audience.  She creates a space for learning that encourages question-asking and genuine participation."

Karen Lee, Student Leadership Expert

"Thanks so much for joining us last week and for all the wisdom and care you brought to the presentation. From the feedback I heard from the staff, it was just what I was hoping for: helpful, insightful, and balanced, and you truly honored the experiences and knowledge of the people in the room."

Carolyn Bassett, Associate Provost

"I have had the good fortune to know Debra in various settings ....involving "renewal" through conversation and wellness practices. Debra is a wonderfully empathetic and caring person who has an uncanny ability to sort through potential distractions and find the heart of a given inquiry. I come away from our conversations feeling more connected to my true self and thereby the world."

Lee Barstow, Minister, Higher Education Professional

"I've known Debra since she was working on her Masters of Public Health; she came in with a particular interest and commitment to bringing together issues of time, consumption, stress and how they intersect with health and well-being. She was creative in her presentation material (she created a talk on Overconsumption as a Public Health Issue) and was a dynamic, relatable speaker."

Dan Gerber - Professor, School of Public Health, UMass Amherst

"Debra has the rare ability to put her audience at ease and create a safe, comfortable atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and personal engagement.  Debra has a strong commitment to promoting positive mental health and well-being and is especially passionate about tackling issues of time poverty and work-life balance.  I highly recommend her as a speaker or trainer."

Jessica Gifford, Mental Health Educator

"Working with Debra is a joy. ...she is a skilled facilitator. She is very adept at guiding both small and large groups through a process and engaging them in a dialogue with each other. She is also warm, friendly, and approachable and helps create a comfortable space for participants. ..she is in her element in front of a group. She brings energy and calm to the room at the same time by making people feel welcome and at ease and by using stories, conversation, and a sense of humor to educate."

Laura Litwiller, International Educator and College Career Advisor

"Debra's work with Take Back Your Time and her radio show, It's About Time, have demonstrated her long-standing commitment and passion to challenging the issues of time poverty in our culture and all of the ways it negatively impacts our health, our families and relationships and our communities. She is a perceptive and engaging presenter. I highly recommend her as a speaker or consultant for your business or company."

John deGraaf - Documentarian, Producer, Writer, Activist, Founder & President of the Board of the National Non-Profit, Take Back Your Time.